Digital ID platform service and next gen authentication

Cross identity verification services now made possible with NDID and advanced mobile ID capabilities.

NDID is a unique digital identification platform that allows different entities to cross-verify the identity of their customers in a simple and secure way. Digitech One enables quick auditing of identities through immutable chain technology and helps businesses set up blockchain nodes for different use cases. Businesses can now enroll customers for new online services such as opening a bank or investment account online which requires a strong level of authentication and allows access to their sensitive data with consent within minutes. For enterprises that wants to take Digital ID to the next level, Digitech one provides a seamless onboarding experience for KYC and activates mobile ID capabilities to allow advanced user authentication or authorization anywhere and anytime.


Speed to market

Enterprise can launch new online services without spending time and effort on non-core business and rely on Digitech One to take care of versions upgrade and be in compliance with the industry requirement

Innovation unleash

By allowing customer to grant consent and access to their data to flow within your partnership network, new types of services can flourish and allow enterprises to serve customers in more delightful ways.

Next gen authentication capability

Passwordless authentication for best user experience now available with device binding.

Data exchange capabilities

Besides cross-platform identity verification, DigitechOne can design data exchange systems for companies to be able to share data while protecting sensitive data with multiple encryption technology.

Next gen authentication capability

Passwordless authentication for best user experience now available with device binding

Why Digitech One

Compliance with international standards and local regulations

The Thai Electronic transaction Act (no.4) support the authentication and verification of identity through a digital platform. The government and private entities can collect identification authentication information and allow state agencies and the courts to use this information for prosecution in case of an offence or for posing a threat to the government’s system. The regulator for Identity service providers is the Electronic Transaction Development Agency (ETDA) to oversight businesses in the area of as Identity Proofing Service, Authenticator Management Service, Authentication Service and Digital Identity Platform Service.

Follow best practices identity proofing and authentication

Diditech One provides a bank-grade e-KYC and identity management and follow the digital ID guidelines published by ETDA:
Digital Identity Guideline for Thailand – Overview and Glossary
Digital Identity Guideline for Thailand – Enrolment and Identity Proofing
Digital Identity Guideline for Thailand – Authentication


Welcome to an era of frictionless onboarding experience. Our platform has developed a platform to ensure that businesses can now onboard their customers smoothly with a strong level of document and identity verification, managed in one single pane.

Document Signing

Simplify your document signing workflow with DE-SIGN. Our document signing platform allows businesses to create templates with signature workflow and send them to the recipients anywhere, anytime and follows the international standards eIDAS

Digital Lending

Catalyzing banks and fintechs for accessible and modern financial services. White label Digital Lending platform has orchestrated all the services financial institutions need for full digital lending experience.


PDPA is designed to protect a data owner from the unauthorised and aimed at regulating the lawful collection, use or disclosure of personal data that can directly or indirectly identify a natural person.