PDPA Compliance Solution

PDPA Compliance Solution

PDPA Compliance Consulting and Solutions

Personal Data Protection Act – and What It Means for Business

As we known, the National Legislative Assembly approved the Personal Data Protection Act (“PDPA”). The Act is aimed at regulating the lawful collection, use or disclosure of personal data that can directly or indirectly identify a natural person. The PDPA is designed to protect a data owner from the unauthorised or unlawful collection, use or disclosure and processing of their personal data.

Data classification levels

Top Secret is if revealed There will be the most serious damage to the security and sovereignty of a country. National order and state interests Including international relations

Secret means the case is disclosed. There will be serious damage to the administration of State affairs. Administration of justice Development of national infrastructure Public health system Information technology, innovation, etc.

Confidential means that If it is opened there will be damage to human rights. And the performance of duties of government officials, etc.

Personal information means information about an identified individual that can directly or indirectly identify a natural person such as Citizen id, Date of birth, Religion, Salary, etc.

How to make your data more secure and protect

1. Access Control
Accessing control to personal information and devices for storing and processing personal data with consideration for their use and security.

2. Authorization
Determining the authorization or assignment of the right to access personal information.

3. User access management
Management of user access to control. Accessing to personal information only to those who have already been authorized.

4. User responsibilities
User responsibility assignment to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, disclosure, foreclosure, or hacking of personal information and theft of personal data storage or processing devices.

5. Logging
Logging means to enable traceability of the access, change, deletion or transfer of personal information. Be consistent with methods and materials used for collection, use. or disclose personal information.

Why Digitech One

Setting up a request for receiving a consent to collect, use and transmit users’ personal data may at first seem like a task that can be completed in a short amount of time. Yet these steps are carefully regulated under the PDPA in order to ensure that user data is safeguarded in exactly the ways that the new law intends. So, Digitech one provide consulting and all solutions such as data loss prevention, cookies consent and data security. We will design best flexible solution for your business including the suitable software and effective hardware.

PDPA Solutions

We provide a varity of data privacy solutions. Each solution solves difference problem, we will give you best solution. Moreover, we have experts in data security and protection to help you create measures to prevent data leaking or loss.

Expert consultant–Skills and capability

Our team had 20 years of experience in Cybersecurity and Data Protection and guranteed by certifications. We will give you a suggestion that is designed for only your business. It will solve the problem on the right spot and more effective.




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